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More than just a few words about me

I'm Shivam Shekhar Soy. I'm a programmer & artist.

That's what I'm telling people now. There are a lot of things I am interested in. I excel in some, others I just can't stop gushing over and only hoping to be good at!

Computers & me

I have been using computers since I was a 3rd grader when my father bought one for his office work. If I look back now, I spent more time playing video games on a computer rather than doing something productive. But it wasn't until around grade 7 that I took a major step towards programming. I had made my first hello world program in C++, learned a lot of HTML & CSS, and made a boring maze game with GameMaker Studio. Although, I wasn't only programming when I wasn't playing video games. For some time, I was exploring softwares, not through internet (it wasn't as cheap as now) but through DVDs I got from Digit magazines each month. They were jam packed with all kinds of stuff I had never seen before. By 9th grade, I had distro-hopped many Debian-based Linux distributions. Fast forward to now, I'm actually deep diving into programming realm.

The Art Block

Apart from technology, I also love drawing. Or atleast I used to. Since childhood I have found drawing to be one of my favorite pastimes. My drawing books were actually full and I was once actually interested in the art class during my school time. I can't remember when I became fond of it. But the cartoons I used to watch, comic books I used to read and games I used to play as a kid fuelled this passion of mine. I had drawing copies filled with drawings of Ben 10 aliens, Avatar The Last Airbender, Devil May Cry & Tekken. I had some Nagraj drawings as well (I somehow loved reading it even though I fear snakes!). Eventually I would try realism, suck at it, and move on to anime. This was the time when anime was as trendy as now. I'd feel embarassed whenever anyone saw my the Hatsune Miku or the Fairy Tail character roster I had in my sketchbook! My sketchbook would now start filling with more raunchy sketches as I start to learn about human anatomy & figure drawing. Then came high school and I was drawing more & more. Made an Instagram account just for posting my art. I was regular at it and my digital art skills were okay enough. And then I'd stop with all this for a stupid exam. It's truly hard to go back to how I was back then. But I know I will be back at it again. I just need to push through.

All that aside, I do spend my remaining time with friends doing normal things, like a normal person. At first glance I may not look like the kind but I do enjoy movies, music, anime, and some books. I won’t try to bring that up in a conversation unless someone genuinely asks me to. I will update this site with my recommendation list someday. If you read this much, thank you for visiting this corner of internet.