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Shivam Shekhar Soy

Programmer. Artist. Certified Weeb.

Hi, I'm Shivam aka SamIsTheFBI. My interests lie in web development, UNIX-like systems, shell scripting and drawing. Click my name to know more.

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More on my Github
  • Supablog

    A fullstack blog with CMS built with Next14 + Tiptap Editor + ShadcnUI + UploadThing

  • Mesua Ferrea

    Full stack food ordering app with realtime order notification, order queue & inventory management.

  • watchmenu

    Organize all of your movies and TV shows & watch them easily with this Bash script. Also supports YouTube.

  • license-generator

    A POSIX compliant shell script that generates license for your open source projects

  • dotfiles

    My dotfiles for Arch Linux.